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DIY Flexy Audio Rack

DIY Rack from IKEA

My intent was to purchase the Lack coffee tables as recommended by Ken. However I was not pleased with table’s core or particleboard legs. Sure the veneer looked great and at $16.99 per self the budget would be hard to beat. I then spent the next hour searching for a workable alternative. I ended up purchasing LAMPLIG chopping boards $9.99 in solid beech.

LAMPLIG Chopping Board
LAMPLIG Chopping Board from IKEA

Once I was home I measured my aduio equipment and ventured to Home Depot for some wood.

  • Changes:
  • Added locking feet
  • Toe-in configuration for the back threaded rods
  • Counter sank the feet using additional base

The Flexy audio rack was a pain to get level but looks pleasing. I added the cutting boards and plan to finish the shelves with Teak Oil.

  • Modifications
  • Add spikes to the each shelf
  • Add dampening material to the underside


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