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great headphones under $80

There comes a deadline in every professional career when you must close your office door power the PC speakers and work like hell until morning comes. The audio adrenaline races until the project is complete. These moments are taken after lunch to get back on task. Nonetheless we love to play music at our desks. Headphones or speakers with are the perfect computer sidekicks. Ear buds such as the (Shure E500) often travel with pods and laptops but I am a fan of ear-muffs (headphones). I find ear plugs irritating. After much review and lone nights at the office. I decide to purchase the entry level Grado SR60 for pleasurable listing throughout the day. I fond these phones to be the best sounding phones under $80.00. If my budget were more I would chose the AKG 701 but then I could not leave then unmonitored at my desk. I would also be leery about stuffing them in bulging laptop bags and carry-ons. So I stopped by Sound by Singer on 18 East 16th St. NYC to pick up a pair. My ears and office mates have been happy ever since. No more music after 5:45:00 pm for me I have a "kick in the head" anytime during the day. Tags


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