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Vinyl Playback

Recently I passed a crate of old vinyl discarded to the streets of New York. I stopped and flipped through the collection like an antique collector in a thrift store.I picked up a couple albums I could not leave for waste and thought "time to invest in a record player".

I searched for quality and function and found some great comments on old turntables and new production record players:

Goldring GR1.2 Turntable:
Goldring GR1.2 would be another option as this is a lower priced Rega clone so the tonearm is better than on the Music Hall/Project decks. There is a review on the net comparing this to the MMF5 which says the opposite but this is because the GR1.2 comes with a cheaper Elektra cart compared to the 1012GX prefitted on the MMF-5.

Thorens Record Players:
Thorens' entry level models aren't really worth it these days. Especially if one knows that these aren't Thorens tables anyway (TD170-1 = Dual CS435-1, TD190-1 = Dual CS455-1, TD240 = Dual CS455-1M, TD295 MkIV = Pro-Ject 1.2c), but quite a bit more expensive than their origins.

Technics Turntable:
The Technics is a better deck than anything available at this kind of price but not in stock form. You need to spend $300USD on a better tonearm like the Rega RB250 and a new mounting plate from in order to reveal the true potential of the motor-board. That said for 700USD an OL modified Technics will equal or better anything well into VPI/Michell territory ($1500USD++) and as such is a total bargain.

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