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Quad ESL 57 System Restore

I am excited to have in my care a complete Quad system. The Quad Electrostatic sound has haunted and encouraged my pursuits of HiFi audio for many years. I first heard the vintage electrostatics of a mechanical engineer. Michael powered his pair with a Harmon Kardon Citation II of all enemies. He monitored the amp's output sacredly such that the panels never arched. He later swapped the Citation amp with a set of Heathkit EA-1 monoblocks and had the panels fully restored by Sheldon Stokes. Time has progressed separating our friendship yet reminded of our sessions as I examine these Quads. The pair is in dire need of restoration. They were stored for the past 20 years spending eighteen climate controlled and last two being attacked by the elements. Intact as they are they will need replacement panels.

Quad 57 ESL 303 amp 33 preamp FM 3 tuner

Micheal's Quads were my reference point. We listened to the like of Louis Armstrong and Ricky Lee Jones during those sessions we would work out speaker building ideas and chat about tube amps. I look forward hearing this system fully restored. The FM3 Tuner, 33 preamp and 303 amp are all unmodified vintage. Once the panels are restored this outfit shall offer an interesting approach to reproduced sound.



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