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Marantz 6350 Turntable

Repairing the Marantz Turntable

I purchased this Marantz 6350 asis from eBay. When it arrived I was disgruntled having also purchased overpriced levels, gauges, and cartridge. I needed them all for it's restoration. It arrived mangled in the box and wrapped with bubble wrap. I'd overlooked cut power cord when bidding but cartridge and stylus damage was unexpected (damaged in shipping).

New Feet for the Marantz turntable
Happy Feet

I had to put feet on the table and repair the power cord first. This is the second attempt to re-shoe the turntable was successful. I liked the Ikea Bocko drawer pulls. The c-shaped design isolates the table form vibration well.

Repairing Marantz Turntable
Repairing the Cables

Repairing Power Cables Marantz Turntable
Power Supply

Repairing Tone Arm Cables on Marantz Turntable
Phono Cables

This Marantz is a sweet sounding turntable.

Restored the Marantz Turntable
Restored Tags


Anonymous said...

I have the same turntable. you think drawer pullers are better than turntable feet with springs? I thought the springs were there for a purpose

Innerurban said...

Good question! The Marantz arrived without feet so I've not heard the original feet. I do prefer the more ridged feet to the spring feet on the Techincs turntable.

DIY Turntable Isolation Feet

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