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Rubber Turntable Mat

Here is a rubber mat perfect for turntable applications. The material is molded rubber with punched holes, bumps, and grid. The bumpy side will lift the record from the platter with minor contact surface area while the raised grid underside grips the platter. During playback any vibration is further dampened by the punched holes.

The mat can be found in local hardware stores and is purposed to protect dishes from chipping. The holes are punched after the rubber is molded so select one with the holes centered. The turntable spindle is smaller so center the mat around the spindle.

First Impressions

The sink mat is noticeably more "dead" sounding than the cork mat. I preferred it over the cork mat when spinning great recordings or jazz. However the cork mat "sings" more on digital re-mastered pressings and pop music.



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