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Technics 1200 Cork Platter Mat

The Technics 1200 MK2 is a great sounding turntable that is easy to operate. This unit is one of two I purchased from a pawnshop. After purchasing several turntables from eBay I highly recommend the Technics models to anyone looking for a record player. If you are not an equipped technician setting up old record players can be a pain even with the service manuals.

technics 1200 patter mat diy cork

Once I got the turntables home they needed some adjusting. I cleaned both and rewired one tone arm. I am making a record mat. I decided to try cork using $4.99 Duga place mats from Ikea. This simple mod that sounds better than the slipmat.

diy cork record mat
slipmat used as pattern

diy turntable cork mat
tools needed

I was impressed the cork mat sounds much better than just placing a slipmat on the platter. The tone arm is transferring music with no background noise and dampend patter vibrations. Notice the cork mat is much thicker than DJ slipmats so be sure to adjust your VTA ring.

DIY Cork Slip mat thickness

Later I may try Spotmat #10 using hobby foam as my next record mat (see details here).



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