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Record Mat Samples

record mat samples

I am revisiting the record mats for a moment. This time I need input from the online community. Take a listen to these samples and tell me which sounds better.

Each track was recorded from Jimmy Smith & Wes Montgomery's Dynamic Duo LP (Verve UMV 2069). The sample is 1:09 mins of "Down By the Riverside". The horn section is bright and there is a romping bass line for qualitative analysis. Jimmy's organ is unfortunately taking a back seat.

If you have any comments post them here.

Platter mat thickness: ~3.5mm Sink mat / ~3mm Cork mat

rubber record mat

Grid Side Down

rubber record mat

Bump Side Down

Equipment Notes:

Technics 1200MK2
(1.1AS, 1.4g TS, 2.5 [3.5 Dual mat] VTA Ring)
AT440MLa (6 months use)

Bob Carver Symphonic Reference

(direct mode to bypass the tone controls)

E-MU 04040 PCI
192kHz 24bit Compressed to 44.1kHz 16bit Wav



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