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Dot Mat from down under

The do it yourself audio world is a wonderful world of tips and tweaks. Gathering tricks and applying them to my own system has given me an understanding that some tips are better than others. One patch at a time my system sounds better and I making audiophile friends around the world.


During the platter testing session I received a cork on foam material from Australia. The cork was adhered to double-sided adhesive foam (think weather striping). The instructions were clear and little or no weight was needed on record. The installation was easy, cut small dots and stick directly to the platter. I had expected the dot mat to sound like the Cork-Liner Spotmat and so cue my favorite test tunes. The mat performed well the sound was slightly more airy than the cork-liner. The high end was more resolute in comparison to the cork-liner.

However, the Dot mat is the most fickle. Place a small weight on the record and the sound is slightly more controlled. This changes to a warm slightly weighty sound with a medium load. If you are looking for a versatile mat and are not afraid to fine-tune try the Dots. I recommend this to anyone testing his or her turntable. For a more permanent solution I am sticking with the Shelf-Liner Sink-mat. I find it sounds better on my Technics 1200mk2 turntable.



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