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Record Cleaning Vacuum Wand

parts for record cleaning wand

Parts needed for a do it yourself record cleaning wand. Using the extensions from your shop vac, a plug, some adhesive, and velvet from the fabric store. The wand can be used to deep clean your dirty records with vacuum suction and cleaning agent. Using the arm dry works well to remove surface particles like paper shavings and dust. Some flaws are permanent but cleaning can restore common crackles and pops and crackles when the stylus tracks debris.

parts for record cleaning wand

After the end was plugged I cut the air slot and sprayed the velvet and wand with contact adhesive. For a clean line, mask the end to prevent over spray.

parts for record cleaning wand

parts for record cleaning wand

Once the adhesive was dry the velvet was wrapped around the wand and the excess removed. For the overlap I added a bead of adhesive and pressed into place. Remember to clear the air slot with an exacto knife.

record cleaning vacuum attachment

Allow the adhesive to cure overnight before use. I made two wands one for washing the other for rinsing.

Note: If you plan to build a vacuum wand try to find thick velvet with small fibers. I plan to rebuild my wands. The fibers are shorter than recommended.

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