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Shelf Liner Sink Mat: Record Mat

SLSM Mat Platter Mat

One thing for certain about audio tweaks is things sound different based on your application and listening room setup. I've play around with platter mats enough to know better sound is subjective to the user's ear. The Shelf Liner Sink Mat (SLSM Mat) is the mat I use the most with my setup.

SLSM Record Mat

This record mat (SLSM Mat) is unconventional because it's a rubber sink mat and shelf liner. These kitchen products contribute to a better sounding Technics 1210 turntable.

SLSM Mat Sink Matt

The rubber sink mat is round and over sized for the platter. I prefer the mat to lay with its grid-side down.

SLSM Mat Shelf Liner

The shelf liner should be cut to fit within the inner lip of the Technics platter. The will allow it to lay flat also use the 45 RPM adaptor to an oversized spindle hole. Once you've finished the shelf liner underlay, overlay the sink mat and spin some records.

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