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Top 3 Record Mats for Turntables

After doing the shootout I found of the following to be of notice. Each record mat has its own sound. I like the shelf liner with a rubber sink mat (SLSM mat) for my record player. The combination of materials sound great and records well when transferring vinyl to CDr (Technics SL1200 with Audio Technica AT440mla phono).

The SLSM Mat delivers great soundstage and imaging. With this record mat the background vocalist are positioned behind the lead and the upright bass is center. If you are listing to Johnny Cash's Live at San Quintet the inmates are in front. On another note the high end is just shy of too-bright or too-analytical I understand the phono cartridge (AT440mla) to be the culprit.

The Cork Liner Mat was slightly less detailed than the Dot mat but vastly more attractive. I am choosing this one for the line-up of top platter mats. It lifts the soundstage while also taming the high end. This mat should be your first point of reference. The Cork Liner mat offers a rich and dynamic sound.

The Cork Spotmat #8 is easy to built. It performs consistent on other turntables. The sound is weight and rich while not as dynamic as the others its well worth building for yourself. I used cork furniture dots and cut the basic circle from some cork Ikea tableware mats.



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