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Denon DL103 with Cork Sides

Denon DL103 with Cork Sides
Denon DL103 Cartridge

The key to budget audio is trial and error. The audio enthusiast must test recommendations at home and follow the appeal of his or her ears. The Denon DL103 cartridge has been on the turntable long enough to form an opinion. I had heard much about its legacy but refrained because better sounds were achieved after installing a step up transformer and loading resistors. This would bring the cost up and so why not purchase a better cart at the new price point? The dilemma was in the pocket more money. Nevertheless I landed a DL103 and set it up without the peripherals.

At first gesture I set it up light and was unimpressed with the sound. It was warmer but lacked the high end of the Audio Technica cartridge. One LP that forced me to keep on the tonearm was Santana's "Borboletta" I liked the warmth and presence of the guitar and remained of the DL103 legacy. The cartridge is known for a warm sound and somewhat lacking high end. Things got much better sonically with more weight 2.8g but the cart was much better after adding adhesive cork to the sides. At some point I will try the wood bodies and peripherals, as for now I am happy.



nick said...

Hey this looks like the cork sides could really dampen the DL103 cartridge and every bit of damping would help this cartridge. Can someone provide a more detailed instruction on doing this tweak? I assume we're corking only 3 sides. Can someone who's tried this tell me what's the best thickness for the cork? Found 1 millimeter thickness - Is that thick enough? I don't mind experimenting but if the adhesive backing is tough to remove it might mess up my cartridge cosmetically so I want to be in the right range right from the beginning. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I would also like more info on how to do this, but unfortunately, this blogger is more elusive than Moodymann.

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