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Ikea Record Storage

Here are some details on reinforcing Ikea's Expedit bookcase for storing records. I pulled this one from the ASIS department for $48. The unit was constructed before purchase and deconstructed for transport so I felt reinforcement was necessary. After loading it with records I noticed side motion would cause it to shift. Aligning the LPs was a real pain because the unit has an open back.

I wanted to brace the unit without tapping into the side support. Using the inner grid would prevent swaying and adding wood stops would prevent the records from pass through.

I used four 2"x4" studs with 45 degrees cuts at 18.5". They are glued and screwed to secure the grid. If removed later the sides could be removed and the grid broken down after.

The stops were cut at 13.375" from scrap from another project. They are alternate locations with the studs these were installed with finishing nails for easy removal.

While it was on the workbench I added feet using scrap wood and some Bocko drawer pulls from Ikea. I had plenty from a prior OCD experience. I had purchase 24 sets of 4 a total of 96. I am still finding new uses for them. However they work well as feet for equipment.



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