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Isolation Feet for Techincs

After building the wall shelf and setting up the turntable, I decide to modify the feet. The stock feet use a spring and felt pads to decouple the table. This mod is intended to soften and further dampen the suspension. I had tried spiking the table with hanger screws and racket balls under the table before. When tapping on the wall shelf I liked the dampening affects with this construction best. The spikes transferred tapping action than the stock feet and the racket balls under the table were too bouncy. If I tapped on the table it would spring back. I later split the balls tested again. The weight of the Technics turntable compressed the half spheres enough and the sound improved. The feet were later reconstructed to maintain adjustability.

turntable isolation feet

Parts List:
4 Machine Screws 6mm x 40mm~50mm
4 Flare Washers
8 Fender Washers
2 Racket Balls
12 Flat 6mm Hex Nuts
4 Glass Candle holder
(Ikea $.29)

To assemble the feet use an exacto knife to cut the racket balls in half. The center seam can be used as your guide. Mark the top-center and spin the tip of the exacto knife to create a hole for the machine screws for each half. For a clean cut you can use a Dremel with cut off wheels and sanding stones. Beware, on contact the rubber will melt and sling hot molten. The construction is easy afterward: thread one nut, a flare washer, and a fender washer (see fig. 1). This will create the base for the rackeball. Next add the ball flat-side down and use the fender washer to center. Secure the topper (fender washer, flare washer, and one hex nuts) to the racket ball. The last hex is used to lock the feet to the turntable. Height ajustment can made my turning the machine screw or footer. As a precaution the candle holder is used to prevent screw top from taping the shelf. Tags


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