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Mission Organization: Records

Collecting records has become a serious pastime. I can spend entire weekends in records stores and thrift shops seeking records. The goal is to build a solid vinyl collection without going broke. I am learning to shop with intention and leave cool covers behind. Percy Faith and Michel Legrand are easy listening artists with enticing covers; but, I want a foot stomping collection. After hunting for months, the mediocre collection I started is slowly maturing into a collection I love. Keeping the collection in order, and knowing what's at home, is the key to successful collecting.

Mission Vinyl Organization

Most average albums are the cheap finds. They can be seen repeatedly in discount bins. Finding great albums takes time and research. Great albums at discount prces is simply luck. If you do find one be sure to smile as you approach the checkout counter; the 5 hours spent digging through trash vinly, mold, and dust was worth the effort.

Adding new records to a collection is an unexpected joy. The hard part is maintaining the organization once they are home. For me order is important, the titles are add to a spreadsheet and ranked from the web. Each LP is numbered and labeled according to genre, artist, and release date. I like to see the ratings visually so they are tagged:

  • Three stars are tagged with small red labels.

  • Three.5 stars are tagged with yellow labels.

  • Four stars are tagged with green labels.

  • Four.5 stars are tagged with magenta labels.

  • Five stars are tagged with large orange labels.

  • mission oraganization records

    More precise searching is handled within the spreadsheet. Returning records to the shelf is easy with the file-by-number-system. As the collection grows the numbers are reprinted (rarely) and new addtions are appended with alphabets to maintain order.

    LP Record Order

    Maintaining this level of cataloguing is worth the effort. The organization allows me to get to better know the collection. I can pull LPs on the fly and file them quickly. Getting over the implementation (numbering, rating, and tagging) has taken much patience. I'm enjoying the systematics for the moment.

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