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Rare Occurrence

shure m97xe cartridge

In the world of audio performance price often reflects rarity and quality. The many accessories and tweaks of sound are passed by world of influence. Once the audiophiles advocate a product the hobbyist follow suit. We seek out these approved products to test within our own systems. This was my case for the Shure M97xE cartridge. I bought it having read its reviews and performance profile. The cart was known to track well at an unexpected value. Compared to other budget performers the M97xE sound profile was placed between the AT440mla (bright or slightly metallic Audio Technica) and the DL103 (warm or tube sounding Denon) carts I owned. I expected the sound to be natural with sustained low response within my system. The cartridge comes with an alignment protractor for the Baerwald null points. Setup was complicated by the dynamic brush but once aligned I cued the stereo test record. Rear things happened when sound was admitted; I heard no sound from the left channel. Swapping carts and testing again proved I had a faulty M97xE. The cart now sits waiting to be returned. I have seen others with skewed cantilevers and bummed carts add my story to the list. The Shure M97xE will be reviewed at a later date.

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