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Return of the Shure M97xE

shure m97xe cartridge

The M97xE is back from returns at Shure Incorporated. The first cartridge had a bad left channel. When I spoke with their customer service personnel the problem was quickly identified and they agreed to replace the cartridge. I paid return shipping for cartridge alone (without stylus) and waited for the replacement. Once received, I was happy to unpack a new cartridge and stylus. I am certain the replacement was post marked the same day of receipt. In less than a week the system was back up and running.

Mounting the cartridge was easier this time around. I found alignment easier by pushing the screws forward then fine-tuning. I am still annoyed that Shure does not include the headshell leads; however, I used leads from the previous cartridge.

I was surprised how well the M97xE matched my system. The cartridge tracked well and the volume was normal with no need to play with the loading. I cued some old favorites and kicked back for a listen. Tags


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