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Bulk Storage for CDs or DVDs

bulk CD storage solution
The FIRA ($13) will require assembly.

Having a large music collection can be more work than necessary in these days of the computer. Storing music on a server for playback is by far more assessable than storing music on shelves, in boxes, or under furniture. Having a music server also allows the collector to sort detailed artist history and discography. The problem with maintaining a large collection of music is you never want to discard the collection after it's digitized. Sure, you trust the multi-raid configurations and redundant backups yet you are a hands-on collector. For me building a vault of music is like having large library of books. The collection is a personal history and testament to personal maturity. Yes! I am keeping it all CDs, DVDs and Vinyl. I have discarded many jewel cases and used slim-lines for a stint. However storing then on a spindle rack lasted longer than any. This new solution will allow me to store cover-art and disc in one sleeve. I also used binders but found the spines would sag and the pages would stick. This solution is the most elegant of all. Moreover, it's the most cost effective. The final product is simple and holds 200-266 discs per box (MACKIS chest of drawers from Ikea $17). The media protection can be purchased in bulk ($6). It can be done for less but I am convinced this is the better approach.

Media Protection

I recommend using lined sleeves to protect the media and notes. Paper sleeves will also work for media only applications.



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