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Isolating the Technics SL1200MK2

Technics Feet Testing

After designing the DIY Isolation feet my Technics turntable purchased some spikes and decided to try them under the table. I purchased them for the speakers and stands project but that project is dragging on so they are still under the record player. The spikes are standard screw types coupling directly to the table. The table is then balanced using shims. Decoupling the spikes from the table made things sound muddy.

noise floor with spiked feetLow noise with isolation feet

After things settled in decided I like the DIY Isolation feet better. The sound from silent passages was cleaner. When recording the meters would jump with the spikes while the DIY feet were steady. Once I am finish the speakers and stands the spikes are coming off the table. In the pictures below one table has spikes the other has the DIY Isolation feet (without the glass bases). The meters were screen shots taken with the turntable powered but not spinning. The needle is resting in the outer groove but the meters are moving. The spikes are constant green. With the DIY feet the meter jumps occasionally. It took me over a minute to capture the spike shown.



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