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Packing and Shipping a Turntable

Shipping a Turntable

My beloved Marantz 6350 arrived at its new home today. FedEx Ground delivered the 25 pound gift to a non-audiophile. Therefore to preform without error I properly aligned the cartridge balanced things before shipping. The final listening session reminded me how this table started my vinyl addiction. I resisted sending another record player hoping that the Marantz' magic would affect its new owner. I hoped for late afternoon chats about vinyl in our old years while Miles, Billie, and Jimmy Smith spun about the room. After all the best part about audio is sharing our experiences. The Marantz and I have shared some good times and so I pulled a copy of Donald Byrd's "Thank You For Funking Up My Life" to pack with the shipment. The recored seemed the perfect farewell to a great table.

I arrived at FedEx somewhat prepared. The boxes I brought were too short and after fussing with packing peanuts I decided not to use them. Instead, I packed the turntable with the materials on hand. I packed with FedEx boxes as shown:
  • Record (green)
  • Phono Preamp and cables (black)
  • Record Platter with Mat (Green)
  • Record Player (unit)
  • Cartridge, (2) yellow 45 record adaptors (green circle)

    The tonearm was secured with a twist tie and the weight was taped to prevent rotation. I tapped a FedEx large box over the top like dustcover and stored the cartridge and headshell separately. The platter was fit into another FedEx Large box with the cables and preamp. For good measure I placed the record on top a secured the sides with FedEx small boxes. This required loads of packing tape but unit arrived without plug and play, and without blemish.

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