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Tonar Banana Phono Cartridge

Ortofon Tonar Cartridge

The Tonar Banana phono cartridge is in heavy rotation! I purchased the "Banana" to play worn out records. The extra tracking weight helps against skipping. The cart is made for DJs and scratching so its rugged design is meant for durability. Despite the high tracking force, I have found this cartridge to be a good performer tracking at 2.5 grams. The sound is clear with a tipped up bass response. The Disco carts are known to have a "manufactured sound" intended for dancehalls yet the Tonar cartridge is designed to be musical and versatile with any genre.

Ortofon Tonar Cartridge

Weight: 16g
Frequency Response: 20-20,000 Hz
Output: 5mV
Channel Separation: 20 dB
Channel Balance: 2dB
Dynamic Compliance: 8/8 mN
Recommended Tracking: 4g
Tracking Range: 3-5g
Trackability: 70mN
Tracking Angle: 20 degrees
FIM distortion: 1.8%
DC Resistance: 600 Ohm
Recommended Loading: 47K Ohm
Recommended Compacitance: 400 pF

Replacement Styli

The Tonar Banana Cartridge proved to be an Ortofon brand with the Concord integrated headshell design. Hence, the stylus can be swapped with the many Ortofon replacements to increase trackability at lower tracking weights for an immediate upgrade sonically. I tried both the OM5E and Arikv stylus with the Banana. The OM5E is a HiFi styli with 1.75g tracking. The sound was much more refined and laid back than the Tonar stylus. It was apparent the OM5E was better and so I retired the original stylus. I must note that I like the OM5E better on HiFi cartridges. The Arikv stylus is a better match for the Banana. The sound is more forward and the resolution remains without being laid back.

Stylus Testing

The Arkiv sylus remains in place with my Banana. The two are a great match for playing older records. I plan to keep it around for those hard to track records. I am glad I found these mentions of the Banana:

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