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Current Tracker AT440mla with ATN120e Stylus

Audio Technica 440mla with AT120e Stylus

Vinyl playback is full of surprises! Recently rolling styli on the Ortofon has encouraged stylus swapping on the Audio Technica cartridges. I am currently running an AT440mla body with the ATN120e stylus. What I liked about the AT440mla was its deep in the groove action. However, the cartridge body rides extremely low to the record. The AT120e is a great tracker with a sifter suspension it's sound is more musical but less articulate. After using the AT120e for a week I switched back to the AT440mla. There are no deep convincing reasons I wanted to mounted the ATN120e styli and give it a listen. The AT440mla cartridge has well over 50 hours of playback. It is recommended that any cartridge have at lease 50 hours of playback before critical listen. The AT120e was the newer so I swapped the microcline styli for the elliptical. The results were a lush and full sound with more resolution than the standard AT120e cartridge. With the new styli the AT440mla body's hyper extended high end is tamed. It sounds better but I wonder if Audio Technica is using the same body for both carts?

Note: I removed the stylus guard. The cartridge is a AT440mla with the ATN120e stylus. Tags


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