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6L6 Tube Amp Sound

DIY 6L6 tube Amp Sound

I have been getting good feedback about modifying the tube amp but I do not have parts. The first suggestion was to remove the tone controls and make a jumper to test the sound. However, I also wanted to capture a before after sound clip. Listen to both and let me know what you think is going on.

The original amp sound

Jumper modification sound

I first noticed original amp hums while idle and is quieter during playback. Mike's jumper is quieter at idle with more high end during playback. The gain is higher than the original while the original is overall muted. The humming remains on both; I'm thinking its time to replace the filter caps.

I captured the original track at 3.2db peak on the monitors in Acid 4.0. Leaving the volume at the same position I made the mod and plugged the amp back in. I watched the watched the monitors again. The mod drove the monitors clipping (red zone) and so I adjusted the volume down about 2db. At this point the knob was very sensitive a slight nudge would drive the monitors back to clipping.

Note I am tracking these samples from the mono plug into my soundcard. The volume pot is turned about 1/4 from silent. The source is vinyl with the AT440mla into a Cambridge 640p into the tape input of the tube amp.



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