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DIY Tube Amp Project

Enlarge View of the DIY 6L6 Tube Amp

Found this little 6L6 tube amp in a Symphonic console record player it is very similar to the Eico HF20 it has a great sound and nice iron. I have cleaned up the schematic scan for anyone interested in building this amp or if anyone else runs across it while hunting for vintage tube gear.

The unit is an integrated mono amp with tone controls. It can be modded following the schematic above. The blue are items I wish to remove. The red line adds a volume control once the blue items have been removed. User "Chris O" helped with this mod. User "Michael Samra" suggested removing the light blue section and adding the purple to test the sound first. I have not tried this because I am waiting on technical advice.

After I source the parts the unit will be rebuilt leaving only an on-off switch, volume control, and amplifier. I have two units that I will plinth in oak and run as mono-blocks.

Let me know what you think and check back for updates. Any help is appreciated!

Enlarge View of the DIY 6L6 Tube Amp



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