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LP Recording Tonar Banana-OM5e Stylus

Blossom Dearie Once Upon A Summertime

The sample below is a recording session using the Tonar Banana cartridge with OM5e stylus and two different phono preamps. I find the Cambridge 640p is a better match for this setup as it has more gain than the TC760LC. The additional gain helps because the Tonar's output is lower with the HiFi stylus.

The output with its regular DJ stylus has an output of 5mv. When used with the Cambridge 640p (gain 39db) the output is 446mv whereas the TC760LC (gain 38db) has an output of 397mv.

The test track Blossom Dearie's "Manhattan" was captured for vinyl with all things equal direct from each preamp.

Test Track: waveform

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equipment: Tonar-OM5e,Spiked 1200MKII,Cardas Rewire,MG5 Cables,Cork Spotmat,Wood wall shelf Tags


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