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Tonar Banana with Ortofon OM5e Stylus

The Tonar Banana is great sounding DJ cartridge with a neutral tone and nice bass. I am running one with an Ortofon Arkiv stylus because I like its sound better than the Banana's standard stylus. I also tried the Tonar cartridge with Ortofon's OM5e stylus but found the HiFi stylus to be shorter than the DJ styli. At first attempt, the combination sounded misaligned and the output volume was faint.

Ortofon Replacement styli

The picture above shows the Arkiv styli in comparison to the OM5e. The Arkiv has a stiffer suspension and extended cantilever.

The Tonar Banana cartridge Ortofon OM5e combo worked well after adding a rubber headshell washer. The results yield to the cartridge's neutral sound and nice bass but with much lower tracking force. The OM5e stylus tracks at 1.75 grams instead of the 3.5 grams for the Arkiv styli.

Tonar Banana with HiFi OM5e stylus

The output of the Tonar Banana drops when using the OM5e HiFi stylus. While the Arkiv DJ styli has more gain it sounds like someone pushed the loudness button. Therefore, with the HiFi styli (OM5e) the Tonar's output is a better match for HiFi setup.

I have tracked some albums with the Tonar/OM5e/640p setup and I am happy with the results. I gain more sonic refinement without bloated gain. Tags


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