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Technics Cover Removal Modification

I've decided to give the mod a listen after some reading on the vinyl forums. It seemed easy and promises to open up the sound of the turntable. The presentation is to be less thick and immersing so far others have agreed to a cleaner sound.

Technics 1200 Mod Remove Excessive Plastic Coverings
coendert2009 Cover Removal Mod

Under the platter of the turntable the motor bearing and circuit boards are protected from debris by plastic coverings. The main cover is easy to remove while the motor cover snaps into place. Once you have the plastic removed be sure to return put the screws back. Since this modification is for audiophile 1200's and home use its fast to assume the environment will be free of debris.

Technics 1200 Mod Remove Motor Cover
Motor Coil Cover

Technics 1200 Mod Remove Circuit Cover
Circuit Cover

Technics 1200 Mod Plastic Covers Removed
Plastic Covers Removed

Wayne Shorter sample tracks recorded from vinyl
Technics 1200 Turntable cover removal modification comparison
Adam's Apple
El Gaucho
FLAC File Compression
Size: 199.31 MB

I feel there is an openess to the music but the sound does not unfold like rewiring the tonearm. The difference is hard to capture but its worth while for such an easy modification.

Test Samples:
Wav files recorded from vinyl
(10 seconds of Wayne Shorter's "El Gaucho")
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