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Backup Vinyl Setup

Backup Vinyl System

When you are into audio it's hard to go a week without a listening to music. While my main system is down I have assembled a secondary system to fill the house with good tunes. The setup uses an iTube Fatman bookshelf system with a Cambridge Audio 640p phono preamp. The source unit is a Technics 1200 MKII turntable. This small system is quite pleasing and versatile for a plug-and-play operation. The iPod dock handles all things digital and while the 640p renders all things analogue. The iTube Fatman integrated amplifier is the brain child of this operation. Mine is actually a HCT HMS 100 unit complete with amplifier, iPod Dock, and speakers. These can be found cheaply since they have been re-branded several times and overstocked search for Dared MP5, HCT, iTube, Sonic Integrity, etc.

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