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Record Playing System Details

I am posting my system details for those who like building stereo systems. My system focuses on vinyl playback. It's a hybrid of car and home audio components the system is alos connected to the computer for recording LPs to CDr. Many of my coponentes were found used, DIY, or in need of repair. As an audio fan I'm engaged in the lifelong quest for "better sound"; however, I like to be practical. So far the sound is very pleasing with a nod to lush vocals and warm sound.

Technics Hobby Foam Arm Board Isolation

Technics 1200 MKII Turntable:
Plastic Covers Removed
Spiked Feet on Wood Wall Self
Hobby Foam Arm Board Isolation
Rubber Ring Tone Arm Isolation
Shelf Liner Sink Mat (SLSM) Mat
Cardas Tone Arm Wire with MG5 Leads

Phono Cartridges Of Choice:
Ortofon Tonar Banana Modded with OM5e Stylus
Audio Technica AT440MLA Modded with ATN120E Stylus
Dennon DL103 Modded with Cork sides
Ortofon Tonar Banana Modded with Arkiv Stylus
Ortofon Tonar Banana Modded with Arkiv Stylus

Phono Preamp:
Cambridge Azur 640p
Modded with 47k loading plugs on secondary phono section

E-MU 0404 PCI
Modded with RCA Plugs

Soundcard E-MU 0404 PCI

Stereo Preamp:
Carver Symphonic Reference
-service to the amplifiers

Carver Symphonic Reference Preamp

Full Range Stereo Amp:
iTube Fatman with iPod Dock
MTM Full Range speakers

iPod iTube Fatman

Low Range Bridged Mono Amp:
Rockford Fosgate Punch 225.2
12" Subwoofers

Rockford Fosgate Punch 225.2

AC/DC Power Conversion:
13.8 Volt DC Regulated Power Converter
12 Volt DC Battery as Power Filter

Technics 1200 MKII Turntable Tags


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