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DIY Audio Rack

My latest project is a do it yourself audio rack called the Ikea Lyte. The design found was on posted by Ken Lyon. He ran Neuance Audio at the time but has since retired. His concept was to keep the a/v rack light weight and ridged. At the time The Flexy another DIY rack had gained the fame of hobbyist and audiophiles. The Flexy was simple to build and highly customizable. Ken argued that the offered little in the areas of isolation and performance and so released The Lyte as a Flexy challenger.

When Ikea dropped the price of its LACK side table to $7.99 this season I figured it was time I replace my Flexy audio rack. Using the side tables I was able to finish a project that had put off.

Construction Notes:

Setup a stop block to cut the table legs to my equipment height. The LACK table legs were hollow so the ends were plugged using 2x4" studs cut at 1" 3/4 (adjust for a snug fit).

The plugs are sanded lightly and glued into place. Secure the plug with a small nail to keep it from sliding.

Using the X method mark the center-point. Predrill the holes at 3/16ths before tapping. Use 6mm metric audio spikes for all four the table legs. Attach the table legs with wood glue for completion.



WF said...

A nice implementation.
Could you compare the sonic characteristics between Lyte and Flexy?

Innerurban said...

The Flexy design has varying implementations some of the better constructions I've heard use mass loaded shelves with 1 1/2" threaded rods. Taking this extra measure for the Flexy allows a mechanical break for each shelf.

A mass loaded Flexy does not compare to the low-mass ridge Lyte.

Nevertheless the Lyte to my ears will out classes a low mass Flexy. The low mass Flexy transfers energy like a spring yielding sound with an edge (lively & smeared). The sound with the Lyte is articulate (fast without the edge). I added butcher block and gained slightly more control (instrument definition).

WF said...

Hi Innerurban, thank you for your explanation.

I am using the Lyte for many years. So I may save my time and my money on the Flexy.

The butcher blocks you added on the Lyte look very well. I will try to upgrade my Lyte.

Thanks a lot.

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