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Going Vintage At The Office

Pioneer SE30 Headphones
System Details:
Sansui 4000 Solid State Tuner Receiver
Pioneer SE-30 Closed Ear Headphones
Foobar 2000 Media Console
Office Depot Box Audio Rack

One thing to love about headphone listening is the ability to tune out the background noise and turn up cerebral sounds of choice. I am too often distracted by the random chatter of cubical mates and conference calls. I have learned to put on the headphones and get to work. "The Zone" allows me to think creatively and corral my thoughts. Otherwise my work can be piece meal and less conceptual. When facing a deadline I will often put on the headphones and close down my email.

I work with code and have become a code wrangler of sorts. Working with designs and other peoples code, I amend scripts and bits until there is a working model (forms and such). The headphones have been around since my employment and they are staying with me. I've scoured the net to purchase the most pleasing and affordable stereo equipment. I like a lush yet airy sound and prefer open back headphones like the Grados and AKGs. I think the Sennheiser phones are too bright for my taste. I like 1950s vocals and jazz music. The problem with open-backs and cubical listening is everyone hears what you hear. Try that with your playlist and see which co-worker is the first to respond. Hence, closed-back headphones are more polite for the working environment.

Some of my favorite closed ear headphones are the Sony MDRs, the Audio Technica ATHs, and I have a thing for the vintage Pioneer head-cans. I have settled on a nice sounding (or should I say GREAT!) vintage system. I like everything the Sansui 4000 Reciever and Pioneer SE30's has presented my ears. They have similar sonic signatures and work nicely together. The synergy allows for hours of listening without fatigue.

AKG K702 Headphones

The Sansui 4000 is an even better match for the AKG 702 headphones. When I'm not being polite I bring those in for some serious listening pleasure.

Playlist: Charles Mingus: Blues & Roots
1. Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting
2. Cryin' Blues
3. Moanin'
4. Tensions
5. My Jelly Roll Soul
6. E's Flat Ah's Flat Too




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