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Technics Main Bearing Installation

Technics Bearing Mod Install

Technics Bearing Mod Install
First remove the platter and plastic cover then the red screws for the motor and green screws for the circuit board.

Technics Bearing Replacement
Screws from the motor and circuit board.

Technics Bearing Modification Install
Lift the circuit to access the bearing. The chassis is notched and recessed so replacement bearing will drop into place.

Technics Bearing Mod Install
This is a new 1210 to replace my old DJ Technics. I pulled its bearing for comparison against the modified bearing built by Jim Howard.

Technics Bearing Mod Install
Installed the New-Bearing and spun Norah Jones' new album.

Technics Bearing Mod Install
From right to left: DJ-Bearing, New-Bearing, Mod-Bearing

Sample track recorded from vinyl with the New-Bearing
Tonar with OM5e stylus/SLSM Mat/640p Phono Preamp
FLAC File Compression
-You've Ruined Me
Size: 32.9MB


Mark Lacattiva said...


First of all, thanks for your site...really helpful and informative to me since I've acquired a 1200.

Forgive me if I missed it....but how did the; blind tests go with the jh bearing?   What did you think?


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