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Technics Main Bearing Modification

Technics Main Bearing

I may have mentioned this before but the Technics 1200MK2 is the sole reason I'm enjoy vinyl records over CDs. I'm from the "CDs are my youth camp" where I found record players too finicky and cumbersome to setup properly. I preferred CDr playback with CD-text encodings for easy playback. A music collector at heart I had some 8-tracks, cassettes, and records but I couldn't tune a turntable for better enjoyment than CDs. Handed a DJ's set of busted 1200MK2 turntables and help from the internet, I'm spinning records and obsessed with vinyl playback. I've read volumes of vinyl forums and DJ threads about Technics tweaking. This next tweak is one I didn't DIY. It's a modified Technics main bearing from Jim Howard's shop at I shipped him an extra bearing and a small fee. In return he machined and polished the bearing for improved performance. This bearing was the by far the best value I'd found for the Technics bearing mod. I had read his (tubesforever) forum posts and became confident in his work. The bearing returned with a new oil well, new ball bearing, and thrust pad.

Technics Main Bearing Modification
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Once home installation was easy, I filled the well with oil then removed 3 screws from the motor and 3 from the board. The mod-bearing dropped into place without needing to disconnect the board. For reference I played Norah Jones while capturing a test tracks from the DJ-Bearing and the Mod-Bearing.

Sample track recorded from vinyl
Tonar with OM5e stylus/SLSM Mat/Carver Phono Preamp
FLAC File Compression
-I've Got To See You Again
Size: 44.1MB Tags


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