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Denon DL103 Technics Setup

Denon DL103 Setup

The Denon is now returning to the Technics 1200 with some added mass. The DL103 is a low output moving coil phono cartridge known to sound better on medium and high mass tonearms. The 1200MK2 tonearm is low mass so I've added some addition mass to the weight using 16g of plumbers putty and the auxiliary weight. I've added cork to dampen the DL103 cartridge body resonance.

Denon DL103 headshell
The phono cartridge is mounted on a Sumiko HS12 Headshell weighting 23.9g total.

Denon DL103 Technics Weight

The DL103 cartridge's additional mass requirements, 2.5g tracking force, and MC phono gain was shelved out of frustration. The headshell and cartridge was too heavy to balance even with the auxiliary weight. I added plumbers putty (15.9g) to balance the Technics tonearm.

The Denon DL103 required 24.6 grams of additional weight for setup on the Technics 1200MK2 turntable.

Denon DL103 Setup
Denon DL103 Technics Additional Weight

Chet Baker sample track recorded from vinyl DL103 vs TonarOM5e
FLAC File Compression
-My Funny Valentine
Size: 15.6MB

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