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Disabling the Technics Strobe Lamp

Technics 1210 Strobe Disabler

The seventh wire (brown) is the key behind disabling the Technics strobe lamp. The lamp buzz adds unwanted noise to the turntable. There is two ways to control the lamp one is elegant the other is a hack.

Technics 1200 Strobe Disabler

Kevin at developed a great solution to preserve the strobe function. His SX1200 Strobe Disabler allows disabling by holding the start button 5-7 seconds until the lamp goes out.

Technics 1210 Strobe Disabler

The newer Techincs 1210 deck with hack disabled strobe by cutting the brown wire. The wire released from the connector easy so the modification was simple. Use some heat-shrinking tubing to prevent shorts circuits. This disables the strobe lamp completely.


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