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Techincs Armboard Isolation

Foam Armboard Isolation

The Technics armboard isolation gasket is an original idea. It was added when the tonearm was rewired. Since the old deck is being replaced with for a new Technics 1200 MK2 I'm revisiting this modification. This time I'm using cork instead of foam. I liked dampening better than foam as platter material.

Technics Foam Armboard Isolation

A closer shot of the foam armboard ring. I'll use it as a template for the cork ring.

Technics Cork Armboard Isolation

The tools needed: template, exact-o knife, cork, and sandpaper.

Technics 1200 Armboard Isolation

Spraying the Technics and the cork with spray adhesive will help hold it in place. It functions as a gasket under the tone arm assembly. The cutouts are easier to make once the ring is in place. Spray both the ring and the Technics plinth.

Technics Mod Cork Armboard Isolation

When you are making the cuts smooth the edges with sandpaper. The clearance is tight around the platter install the assembly and remove the excess later.


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