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Technics 1200 MKII Mashup Rebuild

Rebuilt Technics 1200
My prime time audio system now contains a new turntable. It's a new deck with transplants from the old deck. What remains from the new parts are the chassis and electronics. The tonearm assembly, platter, and composite membrane were taken from the old deck.

The tonearm assembly was transferred to keep the Cardas rewired in service. This was the first modification to bring life to the 1200. The wire and arm were put into service in 2007 when my Technics journey began. I found the older deck's platter and composite membrane more dead sounding. When struck the newer platter would resonate longer with a higher pitch than the older platter. The membrane was a closer contrast the older would "dud" when struck while the newer would "thud".

I also installed the replacement bearing from and fluid damper from The turntable has been rebuilt for the new decade by mashup using two decks to form one awesome deck. It must be noted that platter mat has changed as well. My prized SLSM Mat has been slightly one-upped by the SLTechMat consisting of the Shelf Liner Mat under the Technics turntable mat (the thicker RGS0010A). Nonetheless, slightly-better-sound is over shadowed by its static-blanket-effect. The SLTechMat builds so much surface static that switching to the SLSM Mat is comforting.

Technics Auxiliary PlugTurntable Mat SLTechMat

The Technics 1200 mashup rebuild is tracking with the TonarOM5e cartridge. The arm is outfitted with the auxiliary plug and sitting on spikes. While not wall mounted it's floating on racquet ball halves Lack shelf and cutting board leveled with shims.

Turntable Stand Racquet BallsTurntable Leveling Shims


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