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Shoot Out: DL103 vs Tonar-OM5e

DL103 TonarOM5e comparison

This comparison of the Denon DL103 phono cartridge to the Ortofon Tonar Banana with OM5e stylus is one I'm interested in hearing back from others. The Tonar cartridge is out of a good match price wise to the Denon but it is not well known or used from what I can tell. I seem to be promoting the Banana phono cartridge more than anyone. I've found one other post related to mine which awesome to know.

Vos, glad you are enjoying the Banana with the Arkiv stylus.

We are comparing apples to oranges with this comparison since the DL103 is a moving coil (MC) and the Tonar-OM5e a moving magnet (MM) but why not enjoy both! I'm running them with a Carver Sunfire Preamp it's the better sound of my MC/MM preamps. I tracked Lizz Wright's album The Orchard for this shoot out. The turntable is a modded Technics with everything setup to the best of my knowledge.

DL103 TonarOM5e shoot out

It must be noted that the Denon\Carver drives my soundcard to clipping. I captured samples from the direct outputs and also the volume controlled outputs. The Tonar-OM5e\Carver combo from the MM section has about 6.0db of headroom and so not clipping from the direct outputs. We have all samples for comparison. Let me know your thoughts on these two cartridges.

Sample track recorded from vinyl
DL103 vs Tonar-OM5e stylus
Wav File No Filters No Compression
-When I Fall
Size: 36.6MB



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