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1970s Receivers

1970s receivers

Sansui, Pioneer, Marantz, Kenwood, and Yamaha are all highly favored receivers from the 1970’s. These monsters took a stance for audio when America was flowing with soul. The component systems of the 70’s offered clean two channel sound for large floor standing speakers. I remember the disco days with black components systems and four-way 12" speakers. Most homes today are more interested in DVD multi-channel processing than two-channel audio.

I’m one of the two channel folks but rather than tinker with the black plastic components I look for the aluminum faceplates with wood grain. I’ve held to a Marantz, Yamaha and Sansui units. Of those, I favor the Yamaha for its "Natural Sound". The Marantz has rich sound and Sansui is smooth and warm. I’m on the look out for a monster Sansui 919. The old amp offers beefy power ratings, hefty supply, and dual mono amplification. I’ve owed a couple of the lower watt units but not a monster > 90-watt. I favor cheaper < 70 watt units. They can be found under $100 in good condition. The Marantz 2220 shown drives bookshelf speakers. If you’re looking for bit more bass go for a Sansui. I find the lower watt Pioneer and Kenwood’s leave you wanting more. I favor the Yamaha CR series for their refined sound and dual headphone capability.


The Reginator said...

I'm still using my marantz 2235B that I purchased in the summer of 1979. It sounds fantastic coupled with my Dual turntable. I have a pair of Realistic Nova-6 speakers and a home made pair of monster speakers, both from the early '70s.
It's nice to see a marantz 2235b in your photo.

Take care and God bless,

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