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Just Plain Wrong, but it Sounds Good

AT440mla with additional mass on a Technics SL1200 tonearm

I'm beginning to take things too far with this SL-1200 turntable. This time I've added mass to the arm using plumbers putty. The results are fugly but the sound is interesting. The Audio Technica AT440mla phono cartridge sounds better with more mass the tinny sounded cart has smoothed out and is now enjoyable. I've probably thrown the compliance way off but for now there is no low-end modulation.

Additional tone-arm mass comparison track

For comparison sake I'm using the TonarOM5e. I liked the mass with the Audio Technica but it muddled the sound too much with this cartridge. This makes sense as the Tonar is an Ortofon Concord designed specifically for Technics tone-arm.

Tonar cartridge with additional tone-arm mass on a Technics 1200

AT440mla comparison track with 120e stylus

The second track above shows the AT440mla phono cartridge with the arm mass, without the arm mass (760LC phono stage), and with the ATN-120e stylus.

Sample track recorded from vinyl
AT440mla with additional tone arm mass
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-Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting
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