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Modify Your Ortofon DJ Phono Cartridge for Hi-Fidelity

Using a spacer with the Ortofon DJ phono cartridges will allow you to use their Hi-Fi styli. I've ran my Tonar Banana concord style cartridge like the for will and I'm supper pleased with the results. As a recap of the original post the rubber washer I'm using as a spacer is 1mm to 0.92mm compressed.

Rubber Washer to Mod the Ortofon Tonar Banana using a HiFi OM5e stylus

The Tonar DJ styli to OM5e stylus offers lower tracking forces. The tracking force for this TonarOM5e combination is 1.75 grams. Try this and see how it works for your setup.

Tonar Banana with HiFi OM5e stylus Tags


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