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An Evening With The Reminder

An Evening With Vinyl

The Reminder has arrived after a 21 day passage via USPS. Judging from the package handling, creases and folds it crossed Canadian\United States boarded in a pitch. Upon arrival I held it with the intent to return until I was haunted. My desire to hear it again was stronger than the pressing compulsion for flawless vinyl. I was moody and it's content would be my solace.

The album is the a genre defining with some truly engaging swings. I'm partial to listening with an Audio Technica AT440mla phono cartridge with AT120e. However, I trashed the stylus and so it spins in full micro-line effect. I am reminded that the AT440mla is faint and tinny. The phono setup sounds like cellophane & laryngitis for vocal passes but I'm forced to listen as so until the elliptical ATN120e arrives. To prove this I've tracked a popular tune for grins & giggles.

Sample track recorded from vinyl
AT440mla with additional tone arm mass
Wav File No Filters No Compression
-The Limit To Your Love
Size: 41.26MB Tags


emyllymaki said...

I really like this album but am frustrated by the poor recording quality of the CD. How is the vinyl in comparison?

Innerurban said...

The recording quality is good on the vinyl. I typically always go with LP over compact disc. There is a more head room and dynamics. This recording comparison just is not fair. I expect more from the vinyl and less from the disc.

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