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The not so Genuine Audio Technica ATN120

Genuine Audio TechnicaGenuine Audio Technica

When it comes to audio I get obsessed with the small things like changes in pitch. I’m constantly attempting to do more with less in audio. I’ve come to accept analogue crackle & pop; but I’ve found this stylus profile to be un-acceptable. When it comes to variations this is blatantly wrong. The stylus in question is a knock off ATN120 compared to genuine Audio Technica stylus. They are not even close.

The photo shows the original stylus is much smaller with a slimmer cantilever. The photo serves as proof that it’s wiser to purchase genuine replacement parts. It’s hard to tell which to expect when obsession turns to small things the attention to detail is hard to swindle.

Learning from my situation I’ve noted the Audio Technica replacements have better cantilevers and smaller diamond tips. The others are close but I’ve not cared to listen since these knock offs are priced on par with genuine replacements.

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Alec124c41 said...

But when the fake wears out, all you need is a pencil sharpener. :lol:

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