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I've read review upon review of equipment and emerging audio technology. Very few have mentioned boutique audio, the hand built, or the people buying these rarities. I guess such products are rare and so there's very little to be considered. The mad and gifted creators of redefined audio gear are therefore gems in an overcrowded room of opinionated audiophiles.

We are taught by reviewers that audio components worth considering must be powered smoothly and dimly lit. I believe the merits of clean power but any product shown with the right light, talked up, or chatted will appear outstanding. I'm more interested in products/technology which maintain a natural brilliance. These are the products which sound great unconditionally. Field coil speakers are among the natural stars. From my perspective they are spectacular with lightweight cones and flaring horn enclosures. The technology is ancient yet we are refining it's use today.

I when heard a pair of Atelier Rullit field coils I was astonished by their range. They were 12" drivers which covered the full spectrum with great dynamics and extended high frequency resolution. Presented on open baffles they spoke well without additional air loading. I liked how they handled music and so questioned about horn loading options. Their owner a friend and seasoned audiophile is planning to front load them similar to the speakers in this video. I'm waiting to revisit once the horns are complete.

Ka's Coils

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I have a drawings of the horns for these drivers. Please contact me for further information. Best regards, Oleg Rullit

Anonymous said...

Just found this blog, the horns will be done by the end of the month, will plan a date may be in March for listening, the system actually sounded much better since you were here, now with Dave's slagleformer doing preamp duty.
Oleg, Love the styling on your new horns, I am changing mine to the new look, will send you a picture when they are done.

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