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Front Loaded Surrey

The truth remains there is only one way to describe audiophiles. They are passionate beings with a restless inner peace laid to rest in audio. I find they exhibit these qualities in a measured and exacting fashion. They are self-made professionals of symphonic expression. When defining a system their goal often begins with a reference know as the best sound until now and from there the passion extends into audio refinement.

I had the chance to visit, sit, listen and ponder the system of a gentle giant. You have seen his passion for audio reach new realms on His latest project is breathing taking.

The front loaded horns were finished. We gathered to admire such woodworking and craftsmanship.

front loaded horns
Sota Star Sapphire turntable
Eminent Technology ET2 air bearing tonearm
Audioquest PT-5 tonearm
Denon 103R and others
PS Audio Lambda CD transport
Apple MAC mini music server
MHDT Paradisea DAC
Dual TDA1541 NOS DAC in progress
Rowland Coherence 1 as phono preamp
Bent Slagleformer AVC
John Wiesner built Arthur Loesch 801a convertible mono amps with Tango Permalloy output transformers
Rullit 12" field coil drivers
Rullit designed FH12 solid hardwood front horns
Muse 18 subwoofer

I’ve taken cues from professionals behind the camera who are masters of the shutter. Like audiophiles they are controlling the frame —a point of reference with both input and output. The results are often a factor of the subjects in focus and a holographic take on depth with personal perception. The soundstage for the audiophile is an offering of excitement shadowed with details. Image and quality is always factored by diminished inaccuracies. Every reviewer must understand it’s the full system which offered the result.

The question this on-looker must answer is what changes are noticed since my last visit. At first visit the Rullit designed FH12 field coils where mounted on open baffles. At that time they were engaging even without proper loading. I admired their dynamic ability wide range and natural sound.

Coupled to the air and substantially planted in solid basswood the drivers took on a new dimension.

The result was controlled refined and emotional. The overall sound has the essence of wood instruments. Think of the bassoon as compared to the flute or the viola to a violin. Every speaker system has a signature sound it’s the distinguishing factor when choosing drivers. These field coils offer the widest range I’ve heard.

The entire system filled the loft space with open and transparent sound. I am partial to female vocals and piano. When my track selection arrived a Chopin Nocturne in E-Flat poured out with quickness and speed. I noticed myself stepping back. I wanted to get out of the piano off the stage and into the concert hall. We switched to Blossom Dearie for piano and vocals. I find her sound often compressed to nasal harmonics with no special dynamics.

Her recordings are mostly monaural which present a challenge for modern speaker systems. Take notice of her necklace in the video below.

The front loaded field coils took this opportunity to shine. They presented Blossom Dearie with completeness there was no nasal compression to the sound. This time I was back far enough to capture a live moment with an angelic voice. Before she was singing "The Doodling Song" this visit she offered a "Surrey with a fringe on Top".

surrey: a four-wheel two-seated horse-drawn pleasure carriage
necklace: a microphone


spacedarkstar said...

Nice speakers. How do you build them? Good listening.

spacedarkstar said...

Nice speakers. How do you build them? Good listening.

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